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RPG Catalog

This is an example catalog that uses the format produced by Cataloger. The "production" copy is http://rpg.hcoder.org.

In short, the idea of having a simple tool to make a static, catalog-like websites. Cataloger would maintain the database with the content and export it to JSON, and another program (a client, if you will) would read that static JSON file and present the catalog.

This repo is an example of a catalog client: it reads a JSON file that describes the items in the catalog and shows it, allowing the user to browse the categories, filter by tags, see similar items to the selected one, etc.

I wrote this partly as an experiment, to learn Elm. Don't expect anything super advanced, and don't expect I'll be constantly improving or expanding this.


This catalog is written in Elm, so you need to install it with:

npm install -g elm

Then you'll need to install the Elm packages and the regular Node packages with:

elm-package install
npm install

Using this Catalog

To use this catalog, you first need to generate a catalog JSON and images using Cataloger, and copy all the files inside app/assets/catalog/.

Then, compile the Elm to the final JS with npm run build. At that point you will have everything you need under public/. You can either load public/index.html in a browser, or copy the whole directory to a web server to be served statically.

Ideas for the future

  • Add tag cloud or similar to each section highlights, and/or for the whole catalog
  • Add search box to search for stuff
  • Make tags clickable and show items, regardless of section, that are tagged with that