Dynamic seq2seq in TensorFlow, step by step
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seq2seq with TensorFlow

Collection of unfinished tutorials. May be good for educational purposes.

1 - simple sequence-to-sequence model with dynamic unrolling

Deliberately slow-moving, explicit tutorial. I tried to thoroughly explain everything that I found in any way confusing.

Implements simple seq2seq model described in Sutskever at al., 2014 and tests it against toy memorization task.

1-seq2seq Picture from Sutskever at al., 2014

2 - advanced dynamic seq2seq

Encoder is bidirectional now. Decoder is implemented using tf.nn.raw_rnn. It feeds previously generated tokens during training as inputs, instead of target sequence.

2-seq2seq-feed-previous Picture from Deep Learning for Chatbots

3 - Using tf.contrib.seq2seq (TF<=1.1)

New dynamic seq2seq appeared in r1.0. Let's try it.

UPDATE: that this tutorial doesn't work with tf version > 1.1, API. I recommend checking out new official tutorial instead to learn high-level seq2seq API.