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This repository (and its companion wiki) contains tutorial code and documentation for the Chip Hack events. Most recently the ChipHack/EDSAC Challenge, held in Hebden Bridge from the 6th to the 8th of September 2017.

Tutorial slides

All the tutorial slide decks can be found in the tutorials directory. Many of these are prepared using Hieroglyph a derivative of . Being based on reStructuredText the content is plain text, making it easy to transfer to other formats.

Each tutorial slide deck has its own directory.

All slide decks are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license, so you are free to share and modify the slides, so long as you attribute the original authors and give the same rights to others.

Using Hieroglyph

There are guidelines online for setting up hieroglyph. I used version 0.7.1 on top of Sphinx 1.4.1 (there can be an issue with newer versions). With this installed, each set of slides can be built from the individual tutorial directory by running

make slides

The slides will be found as HTML in the build/slides directory. Just open index.html in your browser.

Tutorial code

The tutorial code is in individual subdirectories within the basic_verilog and cheat_sheet directories, with one sub-directory for each exercise. directory.


The files are mostly empty, for you to complete.


Full solutionns corresponding to the basic_verilog files, if you get stuck.


A full project, with a chip.bin, so that you can test your installation of the tools


To install everything you need follow the guides on

To compile and upload programs

Full guidance is provided in the setup presentation (HTML, slides)