updating the status of a hasMany relationship blows up #442

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Talked with @wycats about this. I was trying to embed a hasMany relationship on store commit and it wouldn't allow me to update the relationship on success. The difference between the two is the order. Currently you have to update the relationship before you update the record.

This fails:

createRecord: (store,type,record) ->
  root = @rootForType(type)
  data = {}
  data[root] = @toJSON(record, { includeId: true })
  posts = []

  record.get("posts").forEach (p) ->
    posts.pushObject p.toJSON()

  data[root]["posts"] = posts

  store = App.router.get('store')
  @ajax @buildURL(root), "POST", {
  data: data
  context: this
  success: (json) ->
    # this order is important
    record.get('posts').forEach (p) ->
      store.didUpdateRelationship(p, 'author')

## updating the relationship before calling `didCreateRecord` works
  success: (json) ->
    record.get('posts').forEach (p) ->
    store.didUpdateRelationship(p, 'author')

elliterate commented Nov 17, 2012

What error did you get?

I don't remember what the exact error was, but I think the either post or author didn't change it's inFlight state.


igorT commented Apr 15, 2013

A lot of this code has changed so closing due to inactivity. Happy to reopen if its still an issue.

igorT closed this Apr 15, 2013

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