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For almost all use cases, you should use to create your ember application. Ember starter kit is no longer recommended for new projects and you will find that you are limited in what you can do compared to ember-cli, and documentation will be misleading due to the different style of app construction in ember-cli.

A starter kit for Ember

Your Ember.js project is almost ready! Here's how to get started:

  • Start writing your app in js/app.js.

  • Describe your application HTML in index.html.

  • During development, you can link to js/libs/ember-*.js to get the unminified version of Ember.js.

  • Add CSS to css/style.css.

  • Open index.html in your browser.


This starter kit comes with an integration test sample, written for QUnit runner.

You can run the tests by opening the index.html?test page in your browser.

The test is located in the tests/tests.js file. You can see how such an integration test should be written, using QUnit assertions and ember-testing helpers.

For more information about ember-testing package see ember-testing.

For more information about the QUnit testing framework, see QUnit.