Proof of concept for LDAP authentication mechanism for Meteor
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Accounts-LDAP for Meteor

This is a proof of concept LDAP add-on to Meteor Accounts.

That said, when one logs in with a username and password, it does check said username and password against an LDAP server.

This code has been updated for Meteor but is completely untested as I'm not near a network that has an LDAP server currently.


  • Copy to /packages in your project.
// if using Accounts UI, you could add something lik
  passwordSignupFields: 'USERNAME_ONLY'

  forbidClientAccountCreation: true
  • Update lines 10-23 in ldap-client.js with your server's data
  • Lines 14-15 in ldap-handler.js determine whether or not nonexistent Meteor accounts are created when a person's LDAP credentials check out.


  methodArguments: [{ username : 'username', password : 'password' }],
  userCallback: function (error, result) {
    if (error) {
      console.log(error || "Unknown error");


  • The LDAP search strings are Active Directory-specific
  • The typed-in username and password is sent to the Meteor server unencrypted
  • There's no code to check if the LDAP connection failed.