LaTeX bot that responds to Slack slash commands
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Slack Latex Bot

A simple bot that takes in Latex equations in the URL and returns the corresponding png image.

To run, either use the Makefile and run make start (you'll have to set your hostname in that file) or run the script directly. You will also have to configure your Slack instance to talk to the bot. To do this, go to and add a slash command configuration. Set the Command to /latex, and set the URL to http://YOURLATEXBOTHOSTNAME:PORT/. The Method should be POST.

Run with Docker

To run with Docker, simply execute:

docker run -d -p 8642:8642/tcp --restart=always --name latexbot \
  emichael/slacklatexbot -H $HOSTNAME

where $HOSTNAME is the name of the host on which the bot is running.