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Liberate the content you've contributed to websites like IMDB, Yelp,, and others!


Websites come and go. If you don't want your contributions to disappear with them, it can be a good idea to keep your own backups. This Chrome/Chromium browser extension fetches a copy of your contributions to supported websites.

The web service also allows you publication of your contributions under the CC-0 license, to enable easy re-use by anyone. This is a good idea, to mitigate the network effect which enables first movers to lock in a given market. This effect makes it harder for open source, non-profit, community-driven alternatives to emerge, which is the principal motivation for this project. It also lets the whole Internet backup your data for you.

In other words: Free your stuff! :-)

Extension setup

You can install the extension directly from This will always be the latest version that's ready for wider use.

If you want to work with the development version, you need to manually download a copy of the latest version, then load the unpacked extension. In short: unpack the ZIP file anywhere, then navigate to your browser's extensions menu. Activate the "developer mode" checkbox, click "Load unpacked extension", and select the extension subdirectory in the folder where you unpacked the ZIP. That's it!

The extension shows a little icon in the address bar on supported sites, and lets you download your contributions as a single JSON file, or publish it with one click. See sites.json for the up-to-date list of currently supported sites and content.


There are two components:

  • a Chrome/Chromium extension (directory extension/) for downloading content
  • a web service (directory service/) for publishing content.

It's a fully open JavaScript stack. We've put special emphasis on the plugin system to make it easy for anyone to add support for their favorite site. See the plugin developer documentation for details.

Mailing list and chat

Contributor notice

The extension, plugins and web service are licensed under the CC-0 License (see LICENSE file), equivalent to the public domain. By submitting a pull request, you agree to license it under the same terms.

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