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A Discord library for the D programming language.
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discor.d is a library for interacting with the Discord REST and websocket APIs. There currently is no support for any voice endpoints and no plan to implement this in the future. Discord is nearly feature complete and fully usable but is currently not being released as a completed version until documentation and examples are more fully explored and general cleaning is done on the rest of library.


See this repository's examples folder for a collection of full usage examples


discor.d is current in development although is mostly feature complete and completely usable. Important features such as rate limiting are correctly implemented and bots using discor.d will follow Discord's rules. Most calls and variables should remain the same with some missing features implemented soon.


discor.d will be available on dub after the full release. To use it now you can either build it with dub and link it later or add the root directory as a local dub import path in any of your projects.


Documentation is not completely finished and currently is only viewable through source code. Web based documentation will be available after full release in addition to a getting started guide.

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