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Web scraping in Java using remote bots
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Web Scraping in Java using Bobik

This is a community-supported Bobik SDK for web scraping in Java.


Include bobik-1.0.jar located in the lib directory. If you are scraping from an Android application, this is enough. If you are using a vanilla Java environment, you might need to include HttpComponents and an org.json packages (see


Here's a quick example to get you started.

    BobikClient bobik = new BobikClient("YOUR_AUTH_KEY");

    JSONObject request = new JSONObject();
    for (String url : new String[]{"", ""})
        request.accumulate("urls", url);
    for (String query : new String[]{"//a/@href", "return $('.logo').length"})
        request.accumulate("queries", query);

    Job job = bobik.scrape(request, new JobListener() {
        public void onSuccess(JSONObject scraped_data) {
            System.out.println("Received data: " + scraped_data);

        public void onProgress(float currentProgress) {
            System.out.println("Current progress is " + currentProgress*100 + "%");

        public void onErrors(Collection<String> errors){
            for (String s : errors)
                System.err.println("Error for job " + + ": " + s);

Full API reference is available at


  1. Write to to become a collaborator.
  2. The SDK source is fully contained within the bobik.jar directory.
  3. Latest compiled jar goes to lib
  4. Javadoc goes to docs
  5. A sample test application (admittedly, very primitive) is in sample_app


Submit them here on GitHub:

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