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Rewritten app and increased filename compatibility

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@emiyl emiyl released this 07 Dec 12:02
· 4 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • Rewritten using the os library to do file management
    • This won't really make much effect to user experience but it's made the code a lot nicer
  • Increased filename format compatibility
  • Windows compilation is now contained in a single executable rather than a compressed folder

Supported filename formats

  • file.ns0, file.ns1, etc
  • file.nsp.00, file.nsp.01, etc
  • file.xc0, file.xc1, etc
  • file.xci.00, file.xci.01, etc
  • folder/00, folder/01, etc
    • This will output a .nsp file


In the previous release, it showed the current transfer speed of the files and an estimated time until it was finished. I could not get this to work accurately in this release so it has been temporarily removed until I'm happy with how it works.

Anti-virus false positives

There is a standalone executable in the releases (nxDumpMerger_Windows.exe) included for convenience, however it can be triggered by some anti-viruses as a false positive. If you don't trust me, you can download and examine the .py script yourself and run it. These kinds of reports are common with "compiled" python scripts.