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This is my personal `xmonad` setup for use on Ubuntu 10.10, running under
VirtualBox on a Mac laptop. The inspiration for this configuration comes
-from [xmonad layouts for netbooks][netbook]. See the [xmonad tour][tour]
-for an overview of using `xmonad`.
+from [xmonad layouts for netbooks][netbook].
+See the [xmonad tour][tour] for an overview of using `xmonad`. To better
+understand `xmonad` configuration, you may also want to look at the
+[default `xmonad` configuration][template], the standard [Gnome
+configuration][gnome] and an example [xmobar
This configurtion includes Gnome panel (on the top) and xmobar (on the
bottom). The two docks can be toggled with **M-b**. This layout defines
@@ -20,6 +25,9 @@ several special workspaces:
## Installing xmonad

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