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Humane Teams at Home and Around the World

Software development is a social activity that favours direct human contact, yet 21st century life can often get in the way, forcing us to reconsider our communication patterns. Whether you are building a collocated, remote, or distributed team, there is one component in software development that remains unchanged: the human element. Using the experiences of two team leaders from startup and enterprise, this presentation will guide you to building happier, more resilient teams regardless of where its humans are located.

You will leave this presentation with a better capacity to examine and optimise your own teams by:

  • Identifying patterns and anti-patterns of distributed and collocated teams;
  • Comparing the prescription for “how we work” from your existing working process to one that matches your team’s needs;
  • Anticipating and understanding changes that can impact your team’s communication and productivity over time.

Presented At

  • Pivotal Labs
  • Software Architect, London
  • Velocity, London
  • DevOps Days London

Viewing the Presentation

Online: (stay tuned!)


  • Ensure node.js and grunt are installed.
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run the server: grunt serve
  • Open http://localhost:8000 to view the presentation

If style changes are made to the SCSS file, you will need to re-create the theme files.

  • Run: grunt css-themes

If you will not have an internet connection for your presentation, make sure the Google Font Open Sans Condensed is installed locally. For your convenience, it is included in the folder assets/fonts/open-sans and is licensed separately.


Content (slides text, diagrams, and CSS theme for the slides):

Slide software (reveal.js):

Fonts (Open Sans family):

  • Copyright (C) Google
  • Apache License