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  • Fix to errors on shared server environments
  • Backwards compatibility to php 7.0
  • Notice to upgrade php if version is older than 7.3
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Security improvements:

  • jquery updated to version 3.6.0
  • option to secure host domain in settings.ini
  • increase strength of randomly generated password

Documentation improvements

  • menu_v3 documentation
  • psychrograph documentation
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  • HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO request header support thanks to @mikbund
  • Settings example for MQTT secure settings
  • api end point to request feed value at specified time
  • Fix bug in zoom graph
  • Bug fixing thanks to @chaveiro
  • Fix for mysqlmemory engine
  • Fix for virtual feed zero value bug
  • Improvements to input list ui
  • urlencode register email
  • increased max power threshold in wh_accumulator process thank to @mr15
  • emoncms cli to improve HA integration thanks to @inverse
  • emoncms emonSD installation component manager
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Full details available here #1633


  • Fix URL Encoding of Input API example with time to close #1621, thanks to @davefiddes
  • Translation updates thanks to @thib66
  • Ensure nodeid is treated as a string
  • Check for no tty port on update thanks to @borpin
  • Remove time from input array thanks to @borpin
  • Add support for mqtt cert in emoncms_mqtt, thanks to @ich123
  • urlencode vis params
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service-runner now runs with python3 thanks to @bwduncan

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  • Option to specify different database for MYSQLTimeSeries feed engine thanks to @adminde
  • Fix rateofchange return value @gareth-ellis
  • Auto detect user timezone from browser at user register
  • Typo fixes
  • Option to select serial port and upload firmware to a connected EmonTx
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  • fix redis buffer issue that did not show latest data in graphs where redis buffer is enabled
  • fix database update issue, thanks @emrysr
  • log invalid auth attempts to emoncms.log
  • fix js error on deleting empty feed, thanks @hutorny
  • improved appearance of php modules in admin interface @gablau
  • new rpi models in admin interface @gablau
  • option to get feed id via tag and name in feed API
  • Stacked and Stacked solar view automatically covers available data rather than full 5 years.
  • Improved MQTT topic filter
  • Automatic logout if session expires on input and view UI
  • Fix to PI4 to show shutdown button, thanks @emrysr
  • fixed emailer function to support swiftmailer v5.4.8 and different installation location
  • improved error reporting on password reset
  • improved feed unit filter to allow special chars, thanks @emrysr
  • updated Italian language files, thanks @gablau
  • Virtual feed user identification fix for public dashboards (Needs further review).
  • Disable logging of invalid apikeys, thanks @MyForest
  • Fix to issue with empty values in vis/realtime, thanks @emrysr
  • urlencode referer parameter user for user/login, thanks @emrysr
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See full commit log: #1510

  • fix 'unsupported' process labels in feed view
  • stopped input name from overflowing to next line (long input names)
  • fix link to graph view from input process labels
  • fix configurable feedviewpath
  • fix virtual feed lastvalue false issue
  • clear feed controls selection after feed deletion
  • fix editrealtime vis support
  • remove hardcoded /home/pi paths for describe:emonpi/emonbase
  • additional checks for redis
  • change settings.php errors to settings.ini
  • removed admin_db_view.php
  • fix feed clear - now resets to zero
  • fix order of input processes
  • updated default hidden engines
  • fix feed engine_hidden issue
  • removed depreciated get_magic_quotes
  • improved error handling on admin page
  • env variable support @borpin @takkaria
  • vis module improvements @alexandrecuer
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Change log:

  • None option for firmware type thanks to @borpin
  • Show write load in admin UI
  • Input page error fixes thanks to @emrysr
  • Localization thanks to @thib66
  • Automatic redirect for /emoncms subdir
  • Fix for slow redis module version access
  • Fix for bargraph undefined index error
  • Archived old installation guides