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In development: Download or upload emoncms feed data between local and remote emoncms server's


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Sync module for emoncms

Download and upload feeds between a local and remote emoncms server


  1. Login to your local installation of emoncms.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Sync
  3. Enter your username and password to bring up the list of available feeds.
  4. Click Download all, or download feeds individually
  5. Browse the feeds locally, that's it!

You may also be interested in the python based emoncms backup utility if you do not wish to setup a local emoncms instance to download/backup/archive emoncms data from a remote server such as

Automatic EmonPi, Emonbase Update

The Sync module is included in the default EmonPi/EmonBase software stack as of 26th April 2018. If you do not see the sync module under the emoncms Setup tab try running EmonPi or EmonBase update from the Administration page on your EmonPi/EmonBase.

Automatic sync

By default the sync module will only sync when the user clicks 'sync' in the web interface, to enable automatic periodic sync add this entry to crontab using crontab -e e.g to sync every 1 hr

0 * * * * php /opt/emoncms/modules/sync/sync_upload.php

Manual Linux Installation

Note: The sync module has hard coded paths for the emoncms directory location that point to: /var/www/emoncms. If your installation has emoncms installed in /var/www/html/emoncms you will need a symlink to /var/www/emoncms:

ln -s /var/www/html/emoncms /var/www/emoncms

The setting $home_dir or $emoncms_dir in emoncms settings.php also need to be set to reflect your system.

Install the sync module to /opt/emoncms/modules (you may need to create those directories first):

cd /opt/emoncms/modules
git clone

Symlink the web part of the sync module to the public html emoncms modules directory:

ln -s /opt/emoncms/modules/sync/sync-module /var/www/emoncms/Modules/sync

Update the emoncms mysql database via the Admin > Update interface. Click on 'Update Database' next to the 'Update Database Only' option.

Install Service Runner

The sync module downloads or uploads data using a script that runs in the background. This script can be automatically called using the emoncms service runner. See Emoncms: Service-runner installation details here.


  • Check that the $homedir or $emoncms_dir setting is set appropriately on your emoncms installation
  • If your emoncms installation is in /var/www/html/emoncms, make a symlink to /var/www/emoncms as described above.

To run the sync process manually:

cd /opt/emoncms/modules/sync
sudo php sync_run.php


In development: Download or upload emoncms feed data between local and remote emoncms server's







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