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🇬🇧 Old speakers + Raspberry Pi 🔉 / 🇷🇺 Старые колонки + выход аналогового звука на Малине Pi


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Sound alerts on the Raspberry Pi 📻 GitHub GitHub

Together with or without Home Assistant.

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After I literally found the old speakers, it was decided that I make voice alerts for my smart home. In order to power the speakers, an amplifier is needed - I chose the 2 x 50W TDA7492 Class D High-Power Digital Amplifier Board. I am not a music lover, and for the operation of my speakers, this amplifier is enough.

At first, I used a separate Raspberry Pi 1 with Volumio. Everything worked fine, but after updating Volumio in the summer of 2019, something broke and I had to use another image - Pi MusicBox. Such a bunch can be used without home automation.

Then, I decided to use it on the same Raspberry Pi on which is installed. For a long time, I could not find a suitable addition, but eventually, the Mopidy addon for for was found.

Since the speakers are used only for voice alerts, it was found that they hiss in standby mode - perhaps the wire is of poor quality, the amplifier is not the best, or, more likely, because it does NOT use DAC+ ADC. In any case, the solution was the Sonoff SV relay, which supplies voltage to the amplifier before the announcement, and de-energizes the amplifier after.

ESPHome firmware for relay

I use the ESPHome Add-On to compile yaml. I chose this firmware specifically because of the elementary integration in the Home Assistant:



Voice alerts from Home Assistant

In automations.yaml, there are various rules for voice alerts, and in configuration.yaml - settings for free Text to Speech (TTS). Sample sound (RU) in the file: ced7f955cfb440b12c419befd25ffa7fd7854989_ru_-_google_translate.mp3.



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🇬🇧 Old speakers + Raspberry Pi 🔉 / 🇷🇺 Старые колонки + выход аналогового звука на Малине Pi








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