Activity feed for steem accounts
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Activity feed for steem accounts

Installation and Running
$ virtualenv -p python3 steemrocks-env
$ source steemrocks-env/bin/activate
$ git clone
$ cp steemrocks/
$ vim steemrocks/ # edit accordingly
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
Database import

Database creation queries located under the sql directory. Just import it to your mySQL database.

mysql -u username -p database_name < sql/base.sql

Installation is done. steemrocks has two seperate processes.

Transaction Listener Process
cd [steemrocks_directory]
$ flask listen_transactions

This process listens transactions and put them into the database. By default It will start listening from the latest block. If you want to specify a starting block, you should edit ~/.steemrocks/checkpoint file (create it, if it does not exists) and put the block number here.

You should see something like that:

Server Process

In development environment:

cd [steemrocks_directory] flask run

For production, you can use gunicorn:

/gunicorn --bind[PORT_NUMBER]