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This is the wiki for the Emscripten LLVM to JavaScript compiler. This wiki is for documentation about Emscripten that is:

  • Under construction or for features that have not been fully developed
  • informal and unofficial documentation about the product
  • Time sensitive and requires update faster than can get into the main documentation set.

You probably want to visit the main Emscripten website.

Wiki Migration and Cleanup

The Emscripten site went live on Github pages on Friday 25th July, 2014. Most of the wiki documents that were hosted here on the wiki have been migrated.

There are instructions on building the site on the About site link on the bottom of every page.

Demos and Examples

Here is the list of demos and examples

Unit test suite

Note, this still needs to be migrated

Emscripten contains a built-in unit testing facility. A server farm performs continuous testing on the codebase on Windows 8, Ubuntu 12.10 and Mac OSX 10.7.4 systems. See the latest build results in real-time at Emscripten buildbot page. The following targets exist:

  • incoming branch: win-emcc-incoming-tests, ubuntu-emcc-incoming-tests, osx-emcc-incoming-tests.
  • master branch: win-emcc-master-tests, ubuntu-emcc-master-tests, osx-emcc-master-tests.
  • The target win-emcc-incoming-code-test tests the compilation and deployment of a few simple WebGL applications.

The unit tests are run immediately after a commit occurs on incoming or master branches. Reports are logged live to IRC at #emscripten on the Mozilla network.

The OSX and Ubuntu buildbots also run the Emscripten benchmarks after the unit tests (The benchmarks are not supported on Windows at the moment, #729).

Not all tests necessarily pass on all platforms even if the buildbots report "green" status. Some long-standing failing tests have been disabled to be able to focus on new regressions better. To track the current state of recognized failing tests, see the Emscripten bug tracker with label tests.

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