Data Science Africa Nyeri 2018 lab materials
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Data Science Africa Nyeri (and now Abuja) 2018 lab materials

Also included the notebooks for the introductory lectures on computer vision - building a pipeline for processing images/videos

Also New for DSA Abuja is notebook 3 - classification of cassava diseases from leaf images using CNNs.

  1. Notebook on basics of cv using skimage and yolo
  2. YOlO v3 implementation in Python
  3. CNN Notebook - DSA Abuja notebook on using CNNs for cassava disease diagnosis. The dataset is small enough that you should be able to run it on your machine without need for a GPU. However there in lies its challenge, small datasets normally have bad performance with CNNs. However you can use some tricks like transfer learning or feature extraction from established networks to get the performace into the 80s for this dataset. This will be your challenge.