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Library for creating system tray icons in Plasma5, other backends are welcome as pull requests
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Goals of this library:

  • Reduce the complexity of creating system tray icons
  • Have minimal link dependencies
  • Ship both C and C++ API
  • Allow all of the features of native platform
  • Friendly license, MIT pull requests are welcome
  • Can be used and/or bundled in commercial software
  • Ability to copy and paste code from this repo and make stuff work :)

Temporary limitations:

  • KDE at first only. pull requests are welcome


  • libappindicator or native gnome/ubuntu dbus
  • Windows?
  • Mac OSX?
  • Common API for all backends


git clone
cd libsystemtray && mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install

Example usage for KDE

Note, the examples set icon from name, but you can also use:

KDETrayIcon::setIconPixmap(int w, int h, const uint8_t* data);

or the equivalent in C API

void kdetrayicon_set_overlay_icon_pixmap(kdetrayicon* handle, int w, int h, const uint8_t* data);

The data needs to be a in 32-bit RGBA format.

C++11 example

As per tests/iconbyname.cpp:

#include <systemtray/kde.h>
#include <cstdio>

int main(void)
    KDETrayIcon icon("test");
    icon.setTitle("Mail Client Icon Test");
    // left click
    icon.onActivate([=](int x, int y) {
        printf("Activate %i %i\n", x, y);
    // middle click
    icon.onSecondaryActivate([=](int x, int y) {
        printf("Secondary activate %i %i\n", x, y);
    // right click
    icon.onContextMenu([=](int x, int y) {
        printf("Context menu %i %i\n", x, y);
    // scroll over icon
    icon.onScroll([=](int offset, std::string orientation) {
        printf("Scroll %i %s\n", offset, orientation.c_str());
    return 0;

C example

#include <systemtray/kde.h>
#include <stdio.h>

static void handler(int x, int y, void* label) {
    printf("%s %i %i\n", (char*)label, x, y);

static void scroll_handler(int scroll, const char* orientation, void* label) {
    printf("%s %i %s\n", (char*)label, scroll, orientation);

int main(void)
    kdetrayicon* handle = kdetrayicon_create("test");
    kdetrayicon_set_icon_name(handle, "mail-client");
    kdetrayicon_set_title(handle, "Mail Client Icon Test");
    // left click
    kdetrayicon_on_activate(handle, handler, "Activate");

    // middle click
    kdetrayicon_on_secondary_activate(handle, handler, "Secondary activate");
    // right click
    kdetrayicon_on_context_menu(handle, handler, "Secondary activate");
    // scroll over icon
    kdetrayicon_on_scroll(handle, scroll_handler, "Scroll");
    while(kdetrayicon_process(handle, 10));
    return 0;


Copyright (c) 2014 Code Charm Ltd

Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

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