A simple, lua-scripted MUD server.
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MudCore, a simple MUD server

MudCore is a simple MUD server. Game logic is implemented in lua,
telnet handling is done for you, and the server can communicate with
the outside world by way of ZeroMQ sockets.

Build dependencies:
- GLib (debian: libglib2.0-dev)
- libtelnet (debian: libtelnet-dev)
- lua 5.2 (debian: liblua5.2-dev)
- pkg-config (debian: pkg-config)
- ZeroMQ >= 4.0.4 (debian: libzmq3-dev)

Additional dependencies to build documentation:
- texinfo
- texlive (pdf/ps/dvi only)

If you want documentation in a form that's not .info, try running
`make pdf' or `make html'. Similarly, `make install-pdf' or `make
install-html' will do what you expect.

Additional dependencies to build from git:
- autoconf
- automake

Building from source is the usual `./configure && make && make
install' dance, but you'll need to run `autoreconf -i' first if you're
building from git. The server runs just fine without being installed
by `make install', if you don't want to install it.