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Endless App Center

The Endless App Center is the user-facing component used to install and remove desktop weblinks and folders. In the past, it was also an application installer; however, it has been replaced in this capacity by GNOME Software.

Building and installing

In order to build the app center on Endless OS you should use:

$ ./ \
  --prefix /usr \
  --sysconfdir /etc \
  --libexecdir /usr/bin \
  --localstatedir /var
$ make
$ sudo make install

The various configuration options ensure that the files are installed in the expected locations, and that the app center uses the expected paths when checking system configuration and downloading files.

Developing and debugging

The app center is considered a system level component. As such, it's activated via DBus from the shell whenever needed, instead of launched like a common application. The app center is also automatically terminated after a certain delay when the user is not interacting with it.

Environment variables

There are various environment variables used to simplify the development of the app center.

  • EOS_APP_STORE_PERSIST=1 - Setting to a non-zero value will keep the app center in memory even when not visible.
  • EOS_APP_STORE_WIDTH=px - Setting to a positive value will disable the automatic resizing based on the screen width, and instead use the px value used in the variable.
  • EOS_APP_STORE_DEBUG_WINDOW=1- Setting to a non-zero value will keep the app center as a floating top-level window.
  • EAS_TESTING=1 - Setting to 1 will redirect errors to stderr instead of using the journal.
  • EAS_DEBUG_JOURNAL=1 - Setting to 1 will redirect all debugging messages to the journal.


The app center provides an eos-reset-desktop tool that resets the desktop to its default state.