Tool for generating XDelta3 diff packages and applying them
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This script is a tool for generating and applying recursive XDelta3 diffs from sources in various forms (zip, tgz, folder) since no tool exists to do this efficiently right now. The code was written with portability in mind so it is in Python3 and contained in one script (even though it makes developments a bit tricky). While the code has decent tests and robust QA process (for the *nix platform), it was developed for a very specific use case and should be treated as beta software but it's open source so feel free to open pull requests for it.

NOTE: This package is at this point in maintenance mode. This doesn't mean that it is broken and/or outdated software but any new features will probably have to be added outside of the original creators/maintainers (@sgnn7, @dbnicholson).


usage: xdelta3-dir-patcher [-h] [-s [STAGING_DIR]] [--debug] [--verbose]
                           {apply,diff} ...

Creates and applies XDelta3-based directory diff archive files

positional arguments:
    apply               Apply a diff from a directory. See "apply -help" for
                        more options
    diff                Generate a diff from directories/files. See "diff
                        -help" for more options

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s [STAGING_DIR], --staging-dir [STAGING_DIR]
                        Use this directory for all staging output of this
                        program. Defaults to /tmp.
  --debug               Enable debugging output
  --verbose             Enable extremely verbose debugging output
  --version             show program's version number and exit

Windows notes

  • Must have xdelta3.exe in directory or in path (you can find a version here but rename it to xdelta3.exe)
  • Must use --ignore-euid when applying patchset
  • Barely tested but might work
  • Test suite not ported (currently no plans for it either)


LGPL v2.1

Running tests

  • Prerequisites:

  • python3-nose

  • python3-mock

  • Unittest builtin

python3 -m unittest discover
  • Nosetests (requires prerequisite modules/packages)

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