GRETA expansion board for the Amiga 500 computer with Fast RAM, microSD mass storage and Ethernet controller, powered by FPGA technology.
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The GRETA expansion board for the Amiga 500 computer has SDRAM,
microSD mass storage and Ethernet controllers. It is built on
FPGA technology.

The intended audience is any person who wants to learn more
about how to develop hardware for the Amiga computer in general,
and especially the one who wants to develop the GRETA expansion

All schematics, PCB layout and VHDL code described in this
document are released under the GNU General Public License,
version 3. Gerber files are readily available and can be sent
to a PCB manufacturer for production. Refer to the schematic
files for bill of materials (BOM).

As of January 2014, some features are still to be implemented
in VHDL, namely microSD controller and Ethernet MAC,  as well
as corresponding software device drivers on the Amiga.

For a description of the design, se the file doc/greta.pdf.

The original author is Martin Åberg. He can be contacted on
electronic mail (remove spaces):

m ar t in AT f ri p os t DOT o rg