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Dragon's Ingot

Dragon's Ingot source code, immature engine.


Dragon's Ingot is an indie 3D action game. The game is in early development. This open source project is just a technic showcase.


  • Command-Line Build (cl.exe).
  • The fundamental 3D rendering technique is derived from the DirectX 11 book by Frank Luna.
  • No visualization scene editor.
  • The platform only supports Microsoft Windows.
  • Little document support.
  • Single core optimization.
  • Mixing game data and engine code directly. (Very high coupling)

Compile Environment:

Win 10
Visual Studio 2017 (require Desktop development for C++)
Windows SDK for Windows 10
DirectX SDK (June 2010)

Runtime Environment:

Win 7.1 / Win 8.x / Win 10
DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017
Update KB2670838 (Windows 7.1 situation)
DirectX 11 capable GPU
1024X768 minimum display resolution
DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card

Dependent .Lib Files for compiling:

Those files should be in VC++ Library Directories, notice corresponding x64/x86, Debug/Release version. The .lib files you can get from each corresponding project.

How to Compile:

In sample\ folder, every subfolder include a signle sample. The compile option see bat_tool\1.bat.

  • init_d3d: A basic window draw empty.
  • m3dtob3m: Command line tool, convert text .m3d model file to binary .b3m file. Those two types both can be read by engine.
  • simple_scene: A very simple scene draw 4 basic geometrics. (Screen Capture)

Runtime Folder Tree:

See sample\simple_scene, represents following tree.


Asset Tools:

  • immature Blender export: Export Blender model data to .m3d file format for immature engine.
  • m3dtob3m.exe: Convert .m3d file to binary .b3m file. Notice .b3m file corresponding x64/x86 version.
  • CSV based scene data: Unfortunately, this engine has not a scene editor let you can "drag and drop". You must write a game object by handwriting, this limits the complexity of a scene.

Copyright and License:

  • Copyright 2015-2017 Huang Yiting (
  • immature engine is distributed under the the terms of the BSD license.
  • immature engine's work not include the code in folders of suffix "_3rd_party".
  • The complete game Dragon's Ingot is proprietary and retains intellectual property rights.