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Project Deprecated

Project Deprecated , since that I am busy with another project and most of the time I use atom, the project deprecated , andbody who use js beautify can use https://github.com/jdc0589/JsFormat


JS Beautify Wrapper for Sublime Text


1.Just 'Javascript Beautify' from Sublime's package manager.


1.current support embed js within jade file


JS Beautify sublime default settings (the same as js-beautify settings),only add // jsbeautify options "format_on_save": true

  "indent_size": 4,
  "indent_char": " ",
  "indent_level": 0,
  "indent_with_tabs": false,
  "preserve_newlines": true,
  "max_preserve_newlines": 10,
  "jslint_happy": false,
  "brace_style": "collapse",
  "keep_array_indentation": false,
  "keep_function_indentation": false,
  "space_before_conditional": true,
  "break_chained_methods": false,
  "eval_code": false,
  "unescape_strings": false,
  "wrap_line_length": 0,

  // jsbeautify options
  "format_on_save": true


You are free to use this in any way you want, in case you find this useful or working for you but you must keep the copyright notice and license. (MIT)