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engycz Fix Hierarchical Browsing with DA3.0 clients that passes NULL to
pszContinuationPoint instead of NUL string (WinCC, DataHub)

OPC Definition: "If this is a secondary call to Browse, the previous
call might have returned a Continuation Point where the Browse can
restart from. Clients must pass a NUL string in the initial call to Browse."
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This OPC implementation is based on free prOpc implementation of "Production Robots Engineering Ltd" http://www.prel.co.uk and is extended by new features.

OLE for Process Control or 'OPC' is a well established standard for communication between process plant and software running under Windows. The specifications are designed and maintained by the OPC Foundation a non-profit making organisation founded by many of the leading players in the process control industry.

Programming OPC clients and servers can be a daunting task, especially for those with little or no experience of COM programming. We think you will be surprised how simple OPC server programming can be with the prOpc toolkit; why not download a copy now.

OPC server supports DA1.0, DA2.05 and DA3.0 interfaces and passes OPC Compliance Tests.

prOpcKit Features:

  • OPC Server Wizard

By filling in a simple form you can have an OPC data access server up and running in a couple of minutes. The OPC server wizard writes a simple class definition: all you have to do is add the published properties you want visible to your OPC clients. For a quick introduction to the wizard see An Introduction to the Opc Server Wizard.

  • TOpcSimpleClient component

Turn your Delphi application into an OPC client by dropping the TOpcSimpleClient component onto one of your forms.

  • Build an Instant Client with the 'Very Simple Client' unit

Build yourself a moderately serviceable OPC Data Access client in a single line of code. 70% of the functionality for 30% of the work. For a brief explanation of how this works see Using the Very Simple Client.

  • Complete On-line and tutorial documentation

There is a complete manual explaining how to build OPC programs in the simplest possible terms. In addition, there is complete on-line reference documentation in .hlp format, fully compatible with Delphi's OpenHelp system.

  • Numerous Examples

There are a number of example servers and clients provided with the kit.

  • 100% Delphi

The prOpcKit libraries are native Delphi. There are no external DLLs.

  • High Performance

All prOpcKit servers and clients based on TOpcSimpleClient use the OPC custom interfaces directly, offering the same performance as C++ implementations.