A tutorial series for learning OpenCL
C++ C Python
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Python Part2: Fixed an exception raised when trying to share GL buffers to CL


Adventures in OpenCL tutorial series
by Ian Johnson - http://enja.org
advisor: Gordon Erlebacher
Florida State University Department of Scientific Computing

    part1 - getting started: making and running a minimal opencl kernel
    part1.5 - getting started with C++ bindings: making and running a minimal opencl kernel
    part2 - using OpenGL and OpenCL together, illustrated with a simple particle system
    part1 - getting started, simple port of part1

Supporting directories
cmake - cmake modules for finding necessary libraries
opencl10 - OpenCL 1.0 header files
opencl11 - OpenCL 1.1 header files

This code is licensed under the MIT open source license. Some of the code is
taken from other sources, and there should be a link to the original source.

Gordon Erlebacher
Evan Bollig
Doug Jacobsen
Andrew Young
Roman: live-fx.org