Create, fork and edit d3.js code snippets for use with right in the browser, no terminal required.
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Bl.ock Builder

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Create, fork and edit d3.js code snippets for use with right in the browser, no terminal required.


Start with this video and links for an overview of using building-blocks.
Read about how it works to get an idea of what you can do.

Try it out:

Get the bookmarklet

By using a bookmarklet (a browser bookmark made of JavaScript) we can quickly navigate from any gist or bl.ock to


Instructions can be found on the Development Wiki You can read about the architecture of the front-end in terms of safely rendering user code.

Deploy your own

Instructions and related files can be found in the deploy folder

About this project

This project began as a Kickstarter project to support it's development.


Shirley Wu
James Waters
Elijah Meeks
Erik Hazzard
Zan Armstrong
Miles McCrocklin
Erik Cunningham
Owen Dall
Sara Quigley
Dow Street
Sebastian Gutierrez
Andrew Thornton
Sha Hwang
Max Goldstein
René Clausen Nielsen
Charles Boicey
Maarten Vanhoof
Adam Pearce
Kent Russell
Jyri Tuulos
Lane Harrison
Sophie Engle
Jim Vallandingham
Tom MacWright
Jinlong Yang
Lon Riesberg
Brendan Sudol
Susie Lu
Sam Selikoff
Mike Freeman
Jason Sundram
Iain Emsley
Christophe Viau
Gordon Woodhull
Karl Sanford
Yaniv Ben-Zaken
Brian Kilmartin
Nils Schlomann
Tom VanAntwerp
Jon Sadka
Brylie Christopher Oxley
Jeremy Stucki
Timo Grossenbacher
Joey Cherdarchuk
paul van slembrouck
Shobhit Gupta
Tony Garcia
Paul Katsen
Sarah Rudd
Adam Breckler
Munaf Assaf
Douglass Turner
Tarek Rached
David Mann
Fred Benenson
Lynn Wetherell
John A Thompson
David Cabo
John Alexis Guerra Gomez
Tony Chu
Brandon Liu
Jonathan Page
Karl Broman
Mahir Yavuz
Yuri Feldman
Matthieu Martin
Enrico Paganin
Curtis Mitchell
George Murphy
François Romain
Danny Cochran
Ignacio Campo
Fabian Dubois
Michael Groncki
Phillip Smith
Yassine Alouini
Geo Miller
Aline Lerner
Claud Alexander
Johanna Fulda
Kai Chang
Geoff McGheeAriel Azoulay

This list includes 90/111 survey responders for people who backed at a reward level of $25 or more.

Much love to everyone who backed!