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things that don't deserve their own repo

mirrored on git-ssb at ssb://%peZat1oevgpj9Irwc/lToAh9pm5TiGsxM/MRM04RV4U=.sha256

Text generation or manipulation:

Novelty aggregators:

Pretty pictures:


  • ncgopher: curses-based gopher client
  • stupidrss: the stupidest possible RSS reader: parse feeds with regex & dump the links to stdout using w3m
  • nam: fall back from 'man' to other sources of documentation, like 'info', and eventually to wikipedia
  • scrambleExif: scramble or falsify EXIF data like date and geolocation
  • fake-mvgen: create a new video track for a given audio track by picking random clips from a video corpus & applying random effects to them
  • pick an arg at random
  • turn an epub into a text file
  • download a playlist from youtube with helpful numbering
  • simple shell routines for taking short notes
  • simple shell routines for handling an archive of URLs (similar to a bookmarking service like postboard)
  • post: a tool to post short strings to multiple microblogging services at once
  • tpost: when posting to twitter, break long messages into threads
  • ssb-digest: post a message to secure scuttlebutt with the links added with that day
  • randlinkd: daemon to periodically post previously-archived links
  • unpopular-posts-only.user.js: greasemonkey script to hide tumblr posts with too many notes
  • update everything in the directory checked out with git or svn
  • set a parameter that sometimes causes transmission to fail to work with certain tracker/CDN combinations

Games (in progress):

  • Book of the Damned: taking place during the events of Manna for our Malices, this game follows young telepath Yumeji Misato as she is moved to a group home in Yomiyama by the leader of a UFO cult & deals with new friends, new enemies, and you, the player.
  • Trilogy: after the events of Manna for our Malices and Book of the Damned, Akagi Ai and her friends get stuck in the rain with Yumeji Misato and Bruno Akane, and they tell ghost stories in this short non-interactive VN.
  • Blood Ocean: a painter discovers that the dream-enhancing street drug Blood Ocean is not what it seems.


  • medium-export: archive of my medium posts
  • lordenki: a backup of my website
  • this file
  • ds-lib: small python libraries for data structures or algorithms for which there are no readily-available open source implementations easily understood by beginners
  • kamui: composable UI project in io, with 'senketsu' io interpreter in go
  • mtv: Minimal Transliterature Viewer -- a hypertext project on top of IPFS
  • vidsort: sort a video by frame similarity and reencode
  • wokebroke.txt: a list of dictionary words that rhyme with 'woke' and 'broke'
  • fortunes: various fortune databases
  • templates: various tracery templates



things that don't deserve their own repo







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