NodeJS module that provides the ability to control GDB and LLDB debuggers via GDB/MI.
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dbgmits (WIP)

This library can be used to programmatically control debuggers that implement the GDB/Machine Interface via JavaScript. Currently both GDB and LLDB support this interface. Note that LLDB's implementation is incomplete, and is still under development, so if you want to use LLDB it's best to build it yourself from source instead of using a released version.



The latest release of this library can be installed via NPM:

npm install dbgmits --save


This section assumes you'll be working within a local checkout of this repository.


Install all the dependencies for this library with:

npm install


To build the library just run:

npm run build


Before running the tests for the first time you'll need to generate the target executable used by the tests. Unfortunately, while the target executable can be built on Windows the current setup will build it with MSVC and the generated debug information will be unreadable by LLDB and GDB, which in turn means that most of the tests won't run properly. The target executable is built via the node-gyp module, which currently expects to have access to the Node.js development headers, so if you haven't done so previously you can ask node-gyp to download and unpack the required files by running:

node-gyp install

Next, ensure you have Python 2.7 and a C/C++ compiler tool-chain installed on your system, as detailed in the node-gyp README.

Now you're ready to build the target executables, to do so run:

npm run configure-tests

Finally, you can run the tests with GDB via npm run gdb-tests, or LLDB via npm run lldb-tests.


This library is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for full terms.