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This repo contains the source code and documentation behind


  1. Git (for version management).
  2. Node: any 8.x or greater (I also recommend using NVM to manage multiple versions).
  3. Yarn: a very powerfull package manager, check Yarn's website to learn how to install it.
  4. You'll need to fork the repo and clone it locally if you want to contribute.


  1. Go to the folder cd enmascript.
  2. yarn install to install all the dependencies needed.

Running locally

  1. gatsby develop to start the development server (you may need sudo if you're a linux user).
  2. The site will start in http://localhost:8000.



Contributing to the site is very simple.

Work in your changes

  1. git checkout master
  2. git pull origin master
  3. git checkout -b your-branch-name (use any descriptive name for your branch, not too long)
  4. Work in your changes.

Test your implementation

Once you have finished working on your changes, test the implementation by following the next steps:

  1. run gatsby build to generate a productive version of the site.
  2. run gatsby serve and check your changes on http://localhost:9000

Create a Pull Request

If after testing everything looks good you can proceed to create a pull request:

  1. Commit your changes and push them to your branch.
  2. Create a pull request pointing to the master branch on the main repo.
  3. Add the labels related to your Pull Request.

That's it, I'll be checking your changes shortly and if everything goes well and the changes make sense, I'll merge your pull request.


If you get problems when building the project try the following:

  • rm -rf .cache to remove the local cache.
  • rm -rf public to delete the public folder (it's generated when building the site).


Code behind EnmaScript's site.







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