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Lambda Deploy Buildkite Plugin

tests A Buildkite plugin for deploying AWS Lambda function code.

Deploying Lambda Function Code

  - name: deploy
      -  envato/lambda-deploy#v1.1.1:
          function_name: myfunction
          path: path/to/deploy/code
          s3_bucket: deploybucket
          s3_key: deploy/key/name
          region: ap-southeast-2


function_name (required)

The name of the AWS Lambda function you wish to update

zip_file (required)

The name of the zip file. If the zip file exists we deploy the file directly to AWS Lambda (via aws lambda update-function-code --zip-file). If the file does not exist we use the path to create the zip file. If s3_bucket and s3_key are declared we will first push the file to S3.

path (optional)

If the path is specified with the zip_file then the path is added to the zip_file. If no path is given then we default to the value of $PWD which is added to the zip_file. If the path is given but the zip_file is not present, then the we cd into the path and create a zip of the contents which is then uploaded.

s3_bucket (optional)

The S3 bucket. The S3 bucket must already be created and have the correct permissions to copy an object to it.


The path to store the S3 key

region (optional)

The region to deploy lambda to. Defaults to us-east-1