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Template for packaged Enyo JS applications
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assets Updated the favicon to include a 32x32 retina icon in addition to the…
enyo @ b2488a3 Update bootplate submodules to 2.6.0-pre.4
lib Update bootplate submodules to 2.6.0-pre.4
source Fix for ENYO-4043 -- remove references to Bootplate and clean up them…
tasks Initial gruntfile support with deploy, clean, and http server tasks
tools Removed unnecessary \ from deploy.bat
.bowerrc added .bowerrc file. Enables adding libraries to the folder with bower.
.gitignore Initial gruntfile support with deploy, clean, and http server tasks
.gitmodules ENYO-2125: allow forking the GitHub project
.jshintignore Added tools
.jshintrc Add `myapp` to .jshintrc globals.
.travis.yml Update successfully check in travis-ci
Gruntfile.js Added jshint task Added "--cordova-webos" command line option to tools/deploy.bat and t… Update
debug.html Use new less.js file in enyo/tools, which loads/configures the less c…
deploy.json ENYO-3012: use `packagejs:` instead of `source:` in `deploy.json` ENYO-3012: use `packagejs:` instead of `source:` in `deploy.json`
icon.png add icon.png
index.html Refactor bookplate skeleton per best-practice structure.
package.js ENYO-1259: Bootplate doc & script update to use deploy.js
package.json Added jshint task


bootplate is a template for a minimal Enyo and Onyx web application. You would normally use this to setup your local environment then go and modify the files to build your own application. By itself, it does almost nothing.


To download a version of bootplate with all of the submodules populated for quick use, visit The download link in GitHub will give you just the bootplate repo without any of the supporting libraries.

As an alternative, you can use a Git client to clone this repo and then initialize submodules. This is good if you want to work with the latest version of the code from GitHub that we may not have packaged into an official release.

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