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Simple CLI program to browse Contrail API server
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Simple CLI program to browse Contrail API server


Python virtualenv

You can install contrail-api-cli inside a python virtualenv. First create the virtualenv and install contrail-api-cli with pip.

$ virtualenv contrail-api-cli-venv
$ source contrail-api-cli-venv/bin/activate
(contrail-api-cli-venv) $ pip install contrail-api-cli

Debian package

First you need to satisfy dependencies missing in Ubuntu Trusty. You can install them from newer distribution or from backports (eg. tcpcloud/extra)

  • python-pathlib
  • python-prompt-toolkit
  • python-wcwidth

When dependencies are satisfied, you can build package:

dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us

Then upload into your repository or install directly:

dpkg -i ../contrail-api-cli_*.deb


Run contrail-api-cli shell to start the cli. Use the -h option to see all supported options. By default it will try to connect to localhost on port 8082 with no authentication.

Type help to get the list of all available commands.

Here is a screen cast to see contrail-api-cli in action:



contrail-api-cli supports keystone (v2, v3) and Basic HTTP authentication mechanisms.

When running the contrail API server with --auth keystone you can login on port 8082 with keystone auth and on port 8095 with basic http auth.

Basic HTTP auth

contrail-api-cli --host localhost:8095 --os-auth-plugin http --os-username admin --os-password contrail123 shell

The username and password can be sourced from the environment variables OS_USERNAME, OS_PASSWORD.

The auth plugin default to http unless OS_AUTH_PLUGIN is set.

Kerberos auth

The easiest way is to source your openstack openrc file and run

contrail-api-cli --os-auth-plugin [v2password|v3password] shell

See contrail-api-cli --os-auth-plugin [v2password|v3password] --help for all options.

What if

virtualenv is missing

Install virtualenv

# pip install virtualenv

pip is missing

Install pip

# easy_install pip
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