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Detroit Ledger Technologies

A benevolent block producer crew based in Detroit, MI building value on EOSIO networks.

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  1. nodesuite nodesuite Public

    A solution for the rapid configuration & deployment of AntelopeIO infrastructure.

    Jinja 15 7

  2. bp-playbook bp-playbook Public

    A set of playbooks to make managing EOS.IO nodes easier.

    Shell 7

  3. govboard govboard Public

    Governance Dashboard for WAX. Initially serving as the Office of Inspector General election frontend.

    JavaScript 3 5

  4. slicing_pie_manager slicing_pie_manager Public

    An admin interface for managing slicing pie distributions.

    CSS 2 1

  5. BoidDesktop BoidDesktop Public

    Forked from boid-com/BoidDesktop

    Desktop application for the platform.

    HTML 1

  6. ual-jssig ual-jssig Public

    Authenticator package that uses Js Signature Provider to allow easier integration testing for eosio enabled applications.

    JavaScript 1


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