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The DelphiOracle contract acts as a multi-party source of truth, designed to provide the near-realtime price of the asset pairs to other smart contracts or to external users.

The contract allows the current top 105 block producers to push rates for various assets, at a maximum frequency of 1 minute per asset.

When a new datapoint is pushed to the contract, the contract will use the median from the last 21 datapoints.

This provides strong DPOS byzantine fault tolerance guarantees, ensuring a reliable pricefeed even if up to 10 block producers are colluding or corrupt (once a sufficient number of BPs are pushing rates).

Consumer contracts or external applications can retrieve the last price and use it for their needs.

As more block producers and oracles will begin pushing the value at a 1 minute interval, confidence and accuracy of the value will increase.

This repository provides the code to the contract, as well as an updating script written in node.js for oracles and block producers to use.

Ideally, block producers acting as oracles should use their own mechanism to retrieve and aggregate the data, using multiple sources.

A sample updating script using's api to retrieve the EOSUSD, EOSBTC and EOSCNY prices is provided as an example.

View live rates on EOS Mainnet:

Incentive mechanisms for BPs to push rates

Each time a BP pushes a datapoint, a counter for this BP is incremented. The contract supports an EOS transfer notification handler which splits any EOS reward sent to the contract between BPs that are pushing rates, proportionally to the number of datapoints they have pushed.

This allows for anyone relying on this pricefeed to incentivize BPs to join and to push rates, simply by transferring any amount of EOS to the contract.

BPs can claim these rewards by calling the claim function.

cleos push action delphioracle claim '{"owner":"<account>"}' -p <account>

In addition, the contract act as a proxy, and automatically revotes every 10,000 datapoints for up to 30 BPs, ranking them by total number of datapoints contributed since inception.

Users and dApps relying on DelphiOracle are invited to delegate their votes to it, and support contributing BPs.

Push values to the contract

Qualified block producers can call the contract up to once every minute to provide the current price of an asset pair.


for EOS/USD (eosusd) and EOS/CNY (eoscny), price must be pushed as integer, using the last 4 digits to represent the value after the decimal separator (10,000th of a dollar / yuan precision)

for EOS/BTC (eosbtc), price must be pushed as integer, using the last 8 digits to represent the value after the decimal separator (100,000,000th of a bitcoin precision)

Example: a value for EOS/USD of $5.85 pushed by block producer acryptotitan to delphioracle contract would look like this:

cleos push action delphioracle write '{"owner":"acryptotitan", "value":58500, "symbol":"eosusd"}' -p acryptotitan@active

Set up and run updater.js

Updater.js is a nodejs module meant to retrieve the EOS/USD price using's API, and push the result to the DelphiOracle smart contract automatically and continuously, with the help of CRON.

cd scripts
npm install

Required: Copy sample.env to .env and update values

Example file for CryptoKylin:

EOS_KEY='5... <replace with private key>'

Run script (once):

node updater.js

Run script every minute via CRON:

crontab -e

And add the following entry:

* * * * * /path/to/contract/folder/scripts/

Optional: Create a custom permission for oracle write action. Custom oracle permission can be supplied in the .env file under ORACLE_PERMISSION (defaults to active).

cleos set account permission <eosaccount> <permissionname> <eoskey> <permissionparent>
cleos set action permission <eosaccount> <eoscontract> <action> <permissionname>


cleos set account permission eostitantest oracle EOS6JhWzHJWystQmEv8VbXTHVagf5LKRVjkowwsdqCNYDFxYZQEJ9 active
cleos set action permission eostitantest delphioracle write oracle

Retrieve the last data point

Note: Use average / 10000 to get the actual value.

cleos get table <eoscontract> eosusd datapoints --limit 1

Sample output:

  "rows": [{
      "id": "18446744073709551508",
      "owner": "acryptotitan",
      "value": 56800,
      "median": 56863,
      "timestamp": "1538937978500000"
  "more": true

Compile and deploy oracle.cpp (using eosio.cdt v.1.2.x)

Clone repository

cd delphioracle
cd contract
eosio-cpp oracle.cpp -o oracle.wasm #need to incluse path to eosio.system.hpp file
cleos set code <eoscontract> oracle.wasm
cleos set abi <eoscontract> oracle.abi
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