Linux/unix security auditing scripts "Lusas"
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Linux/unix security auditing scripts "Lusas"

This is a collection of command line security auditing scripts for Linux/Unix. Originally by Sean Boran in 2000, Pablo Endres took over the project in 2008.

License: GPL v3.0

Please share any fixes/improvements you make, if possible. Or help with documentation. Starting Points


./ [option]


   -h	Show this message
   -d	email or emails where to send the results. i.e.:,,root
   -e	Extended.  Collect a copy of files
   -s	Verify package checksums
   -l	Don't clean up after run. Leave the directory with the results on disk.
   -c	Cleanup after run, leave nothing behind.

	If neither -l or -c are not set a .tar.gz file with the result will be left on disk.