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Better support for sublime text JSTL / JSP syntax
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sublime text JSTL and JSP syntax highlight

Better support for sublime text jstl and jsp syntax highlight.

Based on original Java Server Page(JSP) syntax highlight.

File support

  • jsp
  • tag


Using Package Manager

The easiest way to install is to use the Package Control extension. Once this is installed, simply select 'Package Control: Install Package' from the command pallette and search for 'JSTL syntax'.


Within Sublime Text, click Preferences > Browse Packages... and create a folder named JSTL. Clone this repo or add 'jstl.tmLanguage' file into the folder.

develop note:

  • highlight all jstl base tags(<xxx:xxx>), parameter in the tag(xxx=") and server variable(${})
  • add highlight support for all base color scheme
  • added general regex for jstl tags and custom tags
  • added support and internal text highlight
  • add highlight for operator, add highlight for jstl functions
  • add highlight for nested tags and vars!
  • fix some compatibility with cross-language nesting
  • add new jstl support with snippets and autocomplete at:


  • fix other compatibility/regex with mixed nested language syntax


If you want contribute follow the project at:

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