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Java Channel Access client API
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jca Build Status

Java Channel Access client and server API and a pure java implementation for both.

Java Requirements

Download jca

Latest release

The jca artifacts are hosted on maven centeral and can be downloaded from

You can also directly download the jca jars along with their sources and javadocs from
jca-2.4.2 jars

Development Release
You can also download the lastest development snapshots from the sonatype snapshot repository

Download jca-2.4.3-SNAPSHOT jars

or add the sonatype repository to your pom

<!-- Explicitly declare snapshot repository -->
    <name>OSS Snapshots</name>

Archived Release

Older released of jca are archived here


Clone the Git repository and run a Maven install in the top directory.

$ git clone
$ cd jca
$ mvn install
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