EXPERIMENTAL project to build small tools useful for developers of EPiServer CMS
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Developer Tools project

Download latest build on NuGet or under releases

Experimental project to build small tools useful for developers. Install as an add-on in EPiServer CMS 7.5 (or later) using the manual upload button under Addons. When installed you must be part of the Administrators group to use the tool, a new menu "Developer" should appear in the top menu. And remember, use at your own risk - this is not a supported product.

Current features:

  • View contents of the StructureMap container
  • View Log4net logs (based on in-memory appender)
  • View Content Type sync state between Code and DB
  • Take memory dumps
  • View templates for content
  • View and test ASP.NET routes
  • View loaded assemblies in AppDomain
  • View startup time for initialization modules
  • View remote event statistics, provider and servers
  • View all registered view engines