Continuous Integration

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Continuous integration is performed by Travis-CI, a hosted service for the open source community, integrated with GitHub. It validates the build process on commits, checks pull requests don't break the build, and even provides this handy little badge to show the current build status in the README file.

Build Status

The configuration file is .travis.yml, located in the root of the repository. The values in angled brackets have been replaced by project specific values.

language: objective-c
xcode_project: <project name>.xcodeproj
xcode_scheme: <project scheme to build>
xcode_sdk: iphonesimulator

  # update sub modules
  - git submodule update --init --recursive
  # change directory into project file
  - cd Example\ 1/

# whitelist branch build
    - master

These references where used in the creation of the configuration file for this objective-c project with iOS targets: