vagrant setup for working on EPrints related code.
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Note: when running this from a Windows host the three sbin/... scripts didn't run due to the line endings.

I resolved this by changing the line endings in vi:

> vi sbin/
        :set ff=unix
  • and repeat for the other bash scripts (there's probably a better way to achieve this. I was just trying to run with it!)


A vagrant setup for working with EPrints 3.3 on CentOS 7.1.


Steps I followed on my Mac OS X box to get EPrints 3.3. up.

  1. Install VirtualBox
  2. Install Vagrant
  3. Clone rsdoiel/eprints-vagrant Github repository
  4. Change directory to eprints-vagrant
  5. Run "vagrant up" to create the box and provision
  6. Run "vagrant ssh" to finish MySQL and EPrints setup
  7. Run "bash sbin/" (this finishes the MySQL setup and prep)
  8. Switch the eprints user and run "bash" (configures a new eprints repository)
  9. Switch back to the vagrant user and run "bash sbin/" (final permission cleanup and apache restart)

Steps 1 and 2 are your typical Mac app install (e.g. go to the website, download the dmg/pkg and install those apps). The rest of run from my Mac's Terminal app.

Here are the shell commands for steps 3 through 6.

    git clone
    cd eprints-vagrant
    vagrant up
    vagrant ssh

At this stage you could finish setting up MySQL and follow Adam Field's training video Training Video: EPrints Install. Or user the, and scripts in this repository.

At this point you have an empty EPrints repository running on the guest machine. You can access this from your host machine web browser with a little more work. You need to add an entry to your /etc/hosts file so that your guest machines virtual hostname will be accessible from your host machines web browser. Before you can do that you need to know the IP address assigned by DHCP to your guest machine. This can be done by ssh-ing into your guest machine and running ifconfig.

    vagrant ssh

Read the output of ifconfig and find the assigned IP address. On my guest machine it was assigned, yours will be different. It was the second entry reported by ifconfig. I had named my new repository "mydemo" on host "eprints-dev.local" so I added the following entry to /etc/hosts. eprints-dev.local mydemo.eprints-dev.local

Adam Field talks about accesing updating /etc/hosts in the EPrints wiki video Training Video: EPrints Install. The /etc/hosts is discussed at about four minutes and nineteen seconds.

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