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RIOXX2 Plugin for EPrints

The RIOXX2 plugin for EPrints allows you to:

  • Capture additional metadata required by the RIOXX 2.0 Application Profile (
  • Measure compliance across your EPrints repository
  • Expose RIOXX 2.0 compliant XML records via OAI-PMH, for consumption by Funders and Governing bodies

The 1.0.x series of releases is funded by Jisc (

Information for Repository Administrators

The plugin is available for installation via the EPrints Bazaar.

Please see the User Guide for further details of how the plugin will work in your repository.

Information for Repository Developers

Please see the Configuration Guide for details of how to configure the plugin to work most effectively with your repository.

How to contribute

cd /opt/eprints3/lib/epm
git clone
cd /opt/eprints3
tools/epm link_lib rioxx2
tools/epm enable foo rioxx2
tools/epm link_cfg foo rioxx2

This should give you an environment where you can test the plugin, modify the code and easily commit changes (plugin code in /opt/eprints3/lib and /opt/eprints3/archives/foo/ is symlinked to the git clone in /opt/eprints3/lib/epm).