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PiDuino Database Manager

Arduino on Pi boards, the best of both worlds !


PiDuino is a C ++ library for Pi boards that allows the use of I/O like GPIO, I2C, SPI, UART ... with an API as close as possible to the Arduino language.
The description of Pi cards uses a stored "Object" model in a database that allows to add new models of boards easily.

At this time, the SoC models supported are AllWinner H-Series and Broadcom BCM2708 through 2711 which allows it to be used on Raspberry Pi and most Nano Pi, Orange Pi and Banana Pi.

pidbm allows you to manage the piduino database, whether local or remote (on a server).

It is a multiplatform software developed with cppdb which allows you to add, modify or delete the different elements that make up the PiDuino database (boards, GPIO, connectors, pins, SoC ...).