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HomeMatic-Open-Central-Control-Unit-SDK (HM-OCCU-SDK)


With version 3.41.x changes have been implemented to improve the security of the CCU3 software. These changes can rarely lead to problems with 3rd party software. The following changes have been made:

  • Firewall settings are now more restrictive by default and can be changed via an extended configuration dialog.
  • optional user / password query for API access via HTTP/HTTPS (XML-RPC, Homematic Script)


  • CPU Support
  • Binary Packages
  • Supported communication devices
  • CCU2 Toolchain
  • Support
  • OCCU based Community Projects
  • Version History

CPU Support

The HM-OCCU-SDK contains several binary packages for different CPU architectures. The CPU architectures are tested on the following hardware:

subfolder arm-gnueabihf:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Cubietruck (Cubian)

subfolder X86_32:

  • Debian Wheezy

subfolder mips (outdated):

  • vu+ solo² with vti Image

The script in the cpu specific subfolder copies all binary packages to /opt/hm. This script is just an example and can be enhanced by the community. Some Linux distributions like OpenELEC have a readonly root filesystem, so the installation script must be changed (replace /opt/hm by /storage/hm).

Further CPU specific information can be found in the CPU architecture specific subfolder.

Binary Packages

Each CPU subfolder contains the following binary packages:

  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/RFD: Radio Frequency Daemon
  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/HS485D: (wired) HS485 Daemon
  • subfolder packages-eQ-3/WebUI: pre-alpha many CCU2 specific functions must be replaced
  • subfolder packages/lighttpd: preconfigured HTTP daemon

Supported communication devices

  • HM-LGW-O-TW-W-EU LAN Gateway
  • HM-CFG-LAN (limited support, OTAU (Over The Air Updates) not possible)
  • HMW-LGW-O-DR-GS-EU Wired LAN Gateway
  • HM-Cfg-USB-2 (experimental, not official supported)
  • HmIP-RFUSB (HmIP only)

CCU2 Toolchain

With the CCU2 toolchain it is possible to compile C/C++ programms and build installable CCU2 add-ons. It is also possible to build CCU2 images with additional software, e.g. the Email add-on, which can be installed as normal CCU2 updates.


The HM-OCCU-SDK is provided free of charge. If you want any commercial support please contact

OCCU based Community Projects

Version History

2017-03-31: Version 2.27.8

  • Create 2.27.8 release tag.

2017-03-13: Version 2.27.7

  • Create 2.27.7 release tag.

2017-01-27: Version 2.25.15

  • Create 2.25.15 release tag.

2016-07-29: Version 2.21.10

  • Update to CCU2 2.21.10 release.

2016-06-06: Version 2.19.9

  • Update to CCU2 2.19.9 release.

2016-05-29: Version 2.17.15

  • Update to CCU2 2.17.15 release.

2016-01-24: Version 2.15.5

  • Update to CCU2 2.15.5 release.

2015-04-02: Version 1.0.0

  • First initial version, no change history.