EQCSS v1.5.0

@tomhodgins tomhodgins released this Dec 29, 2016 · 1 commit to gh-pages since this release

This new version of EQCSS modularizes the plugin in a UMD style based on this template for use with module loaders like Webpack. Also included in this update:

  • code for eval("") moved to its own function
  • variables used in the plugin are no longer global

To use with NPM and Webpack, follow these steps:

  • run npm install eqcss
  • in your JavaScript, add var example = require('eqcss')
  • now EQCSS will be bundled with your code
  • you can also access functions like EQCSS.apply() and EQCSS.throttle() scoped with example.apply() and example.throttle() because we named it example when importing it

If this plugin is loaded directly in the browser (or via CDN) outside of a module loader, it will simply attach itself to the global object and run as before (with EQCSS.apply() and EQCSS.throttle() available globally)

Here's an example project using webpack and another using browserify