A multi-platform, multi-language software application framework
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Jkop EQ - A multi-platform, multi-language software application framework

Jkop EQ is an open source software development framework and class library that targets multiple platforms, operating systems and programming languages, and provides a rich set of features ranging things like string manipulation, data structures and threading to graphical user interfaces, web development, text template processing, mobile application development, etc.

Jkop EQ is the successor and evolution of the framework that used to be known as the "Eqela API" and was subsequently known as "Eqcellent" for a brief period of time.

Jkop EQ is fully written in the EQ programming language, and also serves as the standard development framework for all applications written in EQ. Please visit http://eqdn.tech/eq for more information about the language.

This library is a component of the Jkop framework project. For more information about the project itself: www.jkop.org


To compile the libraries and/or the samples, an EQ compiler is required: A recent version of the EDK (Eqela Development Kit) includes the compiler (eqc), and can be downloaded on the Eqela website: http://www.eqela.com/download/

Compile an application with eg.:

eqc -platform=src samples/eqela-tasklist

Jkop is a part of the Eqela technology stack. For more information, please visit www.eqela.com