Create Bootstrap 4 themes on Visual Studio following a friendly workflow
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Create Bootstrap 4 themes on Visual Studio using a friendly workflow.

This kit was designed for ASP Core 2.1 MVC Projects the idea is to bring a friendly way to build bootstrap themes for Visual Studio developers. If you want to build custom Bootstrap themes with a more generic approach using Grunt you might be interested in this project that we are creating.

  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2017 workflows and tools:

  • ASP Core 2.1. MVC Application

  • Web Essentials

    • Bundler and Minifier

    • Web Compiler

Efforless Bootstrap 4 theming for Visual Studio programmers.

Starter guide

Start creating awesome themes on Visual Studio see the steps here

Bugs or requests? Here.

Before submiting requests keep in mind that this is a kit for developers that want to create Bootstrap 4 themes while they continue using their current workflow on Visual Studio, we will try to keep it as simple as posibble.