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Welcome to the source code and articles source !

Articles are located here


  • Have you found a typo ?
  • Do you have something cool to add to the articles ?

Great 🐹 !

If you want to contribute, please fork this repo and alter the specific article located here.

If you don't want to waste time with a fork, please just drop me a comment in Disqus section for that specific article, submit a Github Issue or just ping me an email

Thank you ^_^

Recruiters please be advised: I'm not responding to recruitment emails unless I specificly contacted you first ;)

Other locations


The code repo and articles within it are licensed with MIT License

That means do whatever you want with the articles (e.g. fork the repo and deploy it as your teams internal WiKi) just mention me as the original author of the articles and don't hold me liable if something goes wrong ;)

I'm NOT an author of the blogging library Jekyll which this blog runs on. Authors can be found here Read Jekyll License for more information on it.

I'm also NOT an author of Minima Jekyll template that was pasted into this repo.

I'm however author of some of the style changes and the creepy "Alice in the Wonderland" bunny SVG

I want a blog too !

If you are planing to create your own blog website (for your own good) please don't fork and publish this repo (As I've made lot of custom changes like hardcoded google analitic links, Disqus ids ...) That means it will just be more work for you to remove these hardcoded parts out.

Rather consider generating new project from scratch with Jekyll lib as this is what this blog is using.


bundle exec jekyll serve


My WebDeveloper blog website <3




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